When you view an existing customer's details you will be shown a quick view of specific data points that will aid you in better understanding your customer holistically

Lifetime Value - This is the dollar amount that your customer has spent the entire time they have been a customer

Avg. Order Value - This is the average dollar amount spent per order your customer has made

Order Frequency - this is the average of how many times your customer places an order with you per month

Loyalty Points - This is the total amount of loyalty points available to your customer to use

Orders - This is the total number of orders your customer has placed overall

Customer Created - This is the date your customer was added

Last Order - This is the date of the most recent order your customer has placed

Customer Status - This is the place where the group you have selected for your your customer will be displayed. The default choices are Club Member, VIP, and Staff. There is an option to add a new customer group.

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