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In the available window, you can give your product a brand and product name, define the product type, give your product weight, and provide a skew. You also have the availability to add an optional barcode to give the alcohol percentage and the bottle size. The product description listed in general will also be the default meta description of this product and will display on the product detail page of your website.

Brand - This will be the general brand of your product. You can selected an existing brand of yours, or selects "Add Brand" at the bottom of the dropdown menu to create a new brand.

Product Name - This will be the specific and individual name of your product that will go under your brand

Product Type - You will have a choice of either General Product (i.e. Merchandise, Glassware), Wine, or Bundle 

Weight - This will be the specific total weight of the specific product that is being sold

 in ounces

SKU - This is a "stock keeping unit" and is a number that you will use to differentiate products and track inventory levels.

UPC/Barcode - A UPC/Barcode or a "Universal Product Code" is affixed to your product wherever it is sold within a retail marketplace. This is an optional section to add to your product.

Product Description - The description is a section for you to add more information. You can explain as much about the wine as you want in this area.

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