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Customer Details: Relationships
Updated over a week ago

Relationships are important to your customers. To help your team keep track of your customers close relationships you are able to add them to their profile.

Adding New Relationship

To add a new relationship to your customer's details profile, click the Add Relation button in the top right area of the Relationship section of your customer's de

Once "Add Relation" is selected a form will pop-up and prompt you to fill in the relations information. The mandatory information for each relation is: First and Last Name, and the Relationship Type. The rest of the fields are optional, by recommended.

The options you will have for Relationship Type in the dropdown menu are: Partner, Family, Friend, Colleague, or Child.

Once you Submit the information, the relations will appear in the Relationships List in the Customer Details profile.

Deleting Relationships

If a mistake is made or you no longer wish to have a specific relationship of a customer, you may delete it. To delete a note, select the three dots at the far right side of a note and press Delete Note. You will be asked to confirm this choice as it is permanent and irreversible.

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