Accepting WineDirect User Invitation

What will your invited user experience once you send an invitation to join?

Updated over a week ago

Once you have followed the steps to send an invite to a new account user, whether they are a Store Admin or Staff. This is what they will see from their end:

  1. The invited user will be sent an email with an access Link to create a password for their login access.

  2. Once the invitee either clicks the Accept Invitation Button or the link, a new window will open in their browser. This new window will prompt them to create a password which must be at least 7 characters long and contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and symbols.

    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Invitation links expire after 72 hours. A new invitation must be sent if the user fails to create a password in the first 72 hours.

  3. After clicking SET PASSWORD, the new user will be directed to you WineDirect Homepage with full permission of which ever User Role you have designated them as.

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