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If you have any time sensitive actions that need to be completed for a customer your can set Tasks for them within their customer profile.

Creating a New Task

To begin the process of adding a new task for customer, simply cluck the Add Task button in the top right area of the Task section of the customers details.

Once Add Task has been clicked, a menu will appear with the customers name and related sections pre-filled.

Within this menu the only required field to fill is the Subject. We suggest making this title as detailed as possible.

The optional fields include:

Description - Here you can expand on any necessary details that may aid your team in compelting the task

Due Date - If your task is time sensitive you may set a due date so that anyone viewing the customers profile will be notified if the task is overdue.

Assignee - If the task is specific to an account user within your team, you can assign them a task so that they will be notified of the task, due date, or overdue status directly.

When the task details are submitted, the list of open tasks will be visible is the task section of the customer's profile.

Closing Tasks

By closing a task you are marking the task as completed or resolved. To close a task clock the three dots on the far right side of the task and select "Close Task"

Once a task is closed, all the same information will be available, but in the Closed Tasks section of the customers tasks. This will allow for you and your team to keep a history of all tasks created and completed in a customers lifetime

Overdue Tasks

If a task becomes overdue, a warning banner will become visible at the top of the customers details page. If the task is assigned to an internal team member, they will be notified via email.

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