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you may wish to keep track of your customers interactions with your company, or save any interesting information. This is where creating notes for a customer comes in.

Adding a New Note

To add a new note you will need to select the Add Note button at the top right area of the notes section of the customers details.

Once Add Note is selected a form will appear that will already have the customers name pre-filled.

You are required to add a subject to your notes. We suggest making these at detailed as possible.

You may optionally add a description to further detail the customers note for your team. You also have the option of highlighting the note.

Once the fields are filled, press submit to save the note

Highlighted Notes

If you choose to highlight a note, a banner will appear at the top of the customers details page notifying any team member viewing the page of the note. You are able to highlight more than 1 note at a time.

Deleting Notes

If a mistake is made or you no longer wish to have a specific note of a customer you can delete it. To delete a note, select the three dots at the far right side of a note and press Delete Note. You will be asked to confirm this choice as it is permanent and irreversible.

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