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WineDirect's Basic Shipping Compliance
WineDirect's Basic Shipping Compliance

Be able to select where you are able to ship and where you are not able to ship with the simple toggle of a button

Updated over a week ago

Under your Settings section of your WineDirect Dashboard you will find an option called Compliance; here you will be able to choose based on State or Province where you are able to and not able to ship off-site orders.

By settings the toggle next to Off-Site Orders to pink, this will indicate that you wish to send order to this location.

If you wish to not send orders to a specific location, you can select the ellipsis (...) on the far right of that location > Destination Settings. On the screen that appears you can write a custom message to residents explaining that you are unable to ship to their location.

Before selecting Submit, please remember to click on the Off-Site Orders slider to grey. This will confirm that orders cannot be sent to this location.

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