Products Tab

The place to view, edit, and manage all products you have added to your store

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When "Products" is selected from your WineDirect dashboard, you will be shown a list of all products added to your store.

Several actions are possible from this screen:

  1. Add Product - You can select this button to create a new product to add to your store

  2. Image - This will be the default image when an item is added as a new product.

  3. General Information - The product's Name, SKU, Current Stock, and Price will be displayed next to the image.

  4. Visibility In-Store (Status) Toggle - You can easily toggle if a specific product is visible and available to sell within your storefront. When the toggle is grey, the product will not be visible.

  5. Channels - This will indicate where a product is visible and sellable If its status is active in your POS and Ecommerce website

  6. Ellipsis - An ellipsis (...) will be present on the far right of specific product information. Once clicked,d the following options will appear in a dropdown menu:

    1. Product Details - This will take you to the screen where you can update all information and attributes of the specific product

    2. View in Store - This will open a separate window within your browser and show you a preview of what the specific product will look like and how it will function within your Ecommerce website.e

    3. Copy - This will take you to the same screen as Product Details but allow you to change its information and attributes. When submitted, this will create an entirely new product. This is useful if a new product is similar to an existing one.

    4. Deactivate - This is a quick select option to make an item unsellable and not visible in your channels.

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