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Choose whether a product is visible and purchasable within your eCommerce store

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The availability window will allow you to make the product visible on your website, define a website category or page that you would like to have your product displayed on, make a visual at your point of sale, and define what class the product will be displayed in your point of purchase.

*Remember website categories can affect your promo builds*

  • General Visible Toggle: You may choose whether you would like this product to be visible, and therefore purchasable, within your online store.

  • Website Categories: Here you can add and/or choose which of your Ecommerce page(s) you wish the product to be seen in. The website categories will be found in the "Shop" tab of your online store.

  • Visible in POS (COMING SOON): Once our POS system has been released you you can choose whether this product will be available to view from your point of sale system.

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