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The media window allows you to add and interact with different images and videos associated with your products. You may add as many photos as you would like; all images added here will be visible in the product details on your storefront. Videos must be counted as a URL link from a YouTube channel. Select the upload images button to add a new image; select the add from URL button to add a new video.

  • Images - These images will be still pictures of your choice to showcase your product. The pictures do not need to be specifically of your product. We do recommend using compressed 1280x1280 images in JPG, PNG or GIF format with a 10MB maximum.

  • Videos - Videos are great multimedia options for showcasing extra information about our products along side images. To add a video you must click "Add from URL" (located to the left of the "Upload Images" button) and use a link to the specific YouTube video you wish to use.

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