To customize a gift certificate, go to Storefront › Gift Certificate Templates. There you will see a list of the gift certificate templates available to your customers:

  • Birthday

  • Boy

  • Celebration

  • Christmas

  • General

  • Girl

Customization is limited to text and cosmetic design. New gift certificate templates cannot be created, nor can existing templates be deleted.

Edit any of the templates by clicking ActionEdit. You can then customize the text or table cell properties of each template using the WYSIWYG Editor

The following variables generate all of the gift certificate content:

  • %%LNG_GiftCertificate%% — displays the text "Gift Certificate"

  • %%LNG_GiftCertificateCode%% — displays the text "Code"

  • %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateCode%% — displays the automatically-generated certificate code

  • %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateAmount%% — the value of the gift certificate

  • %%GLOBAL_HeaderLogo%% — displays the store name set in Storefront › Logo by updating the text version of the logo. See Adding a Store Logo for more information.

  • %%LNG_GiftCertificateTo%% — displays the text "To"

  • %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateTo%% — displays the name of the gift certificate recipient

  • %%LNG_GiftCertificateFrom%% — displays the text "From"

  • %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateFrom%% — displays the name of the gift certificate sender

  • %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateMessage%% — displays the text "Hello, here is a certificate for you!"

  • %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateExpiryInfo%% — displays the text "Expires on ##/##/####"

  • %%LNG_RedeemGiftCertificate%% — displays the text "Redeem your gift certificate at"

To customize the text generated by these codes, delete the entire variable including the beginning and ending %%, and replace it with the text you'd like to appear instead.

Be careful! %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateCode%% and %%GLOBAL_GiftCertificateAmount%% are essential to gift certificate functionality, so we do not recommend modifying them.


All gift certificate themes include a default background image. Follow these steps to replace it with a custom image instead.

1. Go to StorefrontImage Manager, then click the Upload Images… button.

2. Upload the image you'd like to use as the background of your gift certificate.

Check your image dimensions. The default size of the gift certificate image is 560 x 134 px. The image you upload can be any dimension, but it will only show a portion of the image if it is larger than the default size.

3. Go to StorefrontGift Certificate Templates.

4. Click ActionEdit to the right of the certificate whose background image you want to customize.

5. Click the Edit HTML Source WYSIWYG icon.

User-added image

6. Locate the code that begins with background. Then using the following format, replace the URL inside of the quotations with the URL for your custom image:


User-added image

7. Click Update, then Save your changes. To preview your customized gift certificate, click ActionPreview.

Want to remove the background image? To delete the default background image altogether, remove the entire line of code that begins with background, then Save your changes.

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