Creating Banners

1. Go to Marketing › Banners and click Create a Banner.

2. Enter a Banner Name. This is for internal purposes only, and will not be visible to your customers.

3. Use the Site Builder to add the content for your banner. Content can include images, video, text, and scripts.

4. Select which page the banner should appear on. Banners can only be added to one page at a time.

  • Home Page

  • For a Specific Category

  • For a Specific Brand

  • Search Results Page

5. Select a Date Range for the banner to display.

  • Always show this banner until I remove it

  • Only display this banner between specific dates

Date and Time settings

6. Select whether or not the banner should be Visible. If you'd like to save the banner as a draft, deselect this option before saving.

7. From the Location drop-down, select whether the banner should appear at the Top of [the] page or Bottom of [the] page. A banner can only be applied to one page at a time, but you can recreate a banner to apply it on another page.

8. Save your changes.

Have more than one banner on the same page and location? If multiple banners are added to the same page and location at the same time, then they will load randomly each time a customer visits the page.

Editing Banners

Mark a banner as no longer visible on the storefront by clicking the green checkmark in the Visible column. You can also do this while editing the banner.

To edit a banner, click the Action menu, then select Edit. You can also go to the Edit Banner page by clicking on the Banner Name. Make your desired changes, then click Save.

Clicking the Banner Location on the Marketing › Banners page will load that page on the storefront, so that you can view any banners enabled on that page.

Deleting Banners

Click the empty checkbox to the left of the banners you want to delete, then click the Trash Bin icon above the list of banners.

On the confirmation pop-up that displays, click the Ok button.

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