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This widget adds an image to the page.

  • Upload image — Upload an image from the Image Manager, from your device, or via URL.

  • Image link — Select Link to URL if you want the image to link to another page.

  • Alt text — Provide alt text for your image for improved accessibility and search optimization.


  • Image height — If set to Auto, the widget will size automatically to fit the full size of the image file. If set to Custom, you can specify the image’s maximum height in pixels.

  • Image fit — Fill to box will resize the image to “fill” the entire area of the widget. Fit to box will resize the image so that the entire image “fits” within the widget without being cut off.

  • Image parallax — This keeps the image position static as a user scrolls up and down the page, creating a “layered” effect. Image fit must be set to Fill to box in order to enable Image parallax.

  • Image opacity — Adjust the opacity of your image. This can create a “translucent” effect.

  • Image align — Specify how the image should align horizontally and vertically within the widget.

  • Margin — Margin is the amount of space (in pixels) outside the border of the image.

  • Padding — Padding is the amount of space (in pixels) inside the border of the image.


  • Normal/Hover — If normal is selected, the image’s border always shows. If Hover is selected, the border only shows when a visitor hovers their mouse over it. This can be used as a visual cue to shoppers that the image is a link / is “clickable”.

  • Border color — Specify the image’s border color.

  • Border style — Select None, Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double, Groove, or Ridge.

  • Border thickness — Specify the image’s border thickness.

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