The Page Builder lets you easily add content (like text, images, banners, videos, and buttons) to your storefront. We call these blocks of content “widgets”. Widgets can be added to several of your store’s pages, including the homepage, product pages, category pages, brand pages, web pages, blog posts, search results page, and the cart page. Depending on your theme, you may need to update your theme or edit the appropriate template files first.

To add a widget, drag it from the Page Builder menu on the left and drop it into any of the preset regions.

After you drop a new widget on the page, it appears in the Design area on the right, and the Page Builder menu updates to show the widget’s configurable settings. For widgets with text, you’ll edit the text directly on the page. The widget’s available style settings differ based on the type selected.

You can stack additional widgets by dragging them above or below existing widgets.

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