Under the Phrases tab, you can customize the text used in the template. The Phrase name is an identifier used in the template code that outputs a string of text in the resulting email, called the Phrase value. The phrase name is not visible to the shopper.

The Phrases tab showing Phrase name and Phrase value

You can change the Phrase name and Phrase value of existing phrases, or you can delete existing phrases by clicking the ⋯ settings button next to the phrase and selecting Delete phrase. You can also create new phrases in a template by clicking the + Add new button at the bottom of the Phrases tab.

Delete existing phrases and add new phrases from the Phrases tab

For example, you can add a phrase named "contact" to direct customers to contact you at a specific email address. In the phrase value, you can enter a phrase like "Contact us at [email protected]". It is also possible to add HTML in the phrase value if you want to create a clickable link like "<a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>".

You can use HTML in the phrase value field

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