The Abandoned Cart merchant notification settings can be located by going to SettingsGeneral, under the Miscellaneous tab.

Abandoned Cart notification settings

Localized Store Experiences: Abandoned and converted cart email notifications for merchants are available for all of our supported languages. For more information on the default language store setting, see Store Profile Settings.

  • Require Consent — Determines whether or not a checkbox appears on the checkout, allowing customers to opt-in to receive abandoned cart emails and other marketing emails. If this is enabled, it will override the Tick Newsletter Checkbox? toggle in your store's newsletter settings. Recommended for GDPR compliance.

  • Abandoned Cart Emails — Determines whether or not you are sent an email when a customer abandons a cart. If enabled, allows you to configure how many carts should be abandoned before the email is sent, and whether or not the customer should receive no further abandoned cart emails after clicking the "Complete Order" link in the email.

  • Converted Cart Emails — Determines whether or not you are sent an email any time a customer returns to complete a purchase after receiving an abandoned cart email.

  • Send Emails To — Determines what email address abandoned cart emails are sent to.

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