1. Go to StorefrontBlog then click the + button.

Create blog post button

2. Give the post a Title, then add your content to the Body.

Title and Body fields

3. Click Publish when you are ready for the post to be seen by your audience. Otherwise, click Save Draft to save your work and publish it at a later date.

Draft and Publish buttons


Optional Blog fields
  • Author — designates who wrote this particular blog post

  • Tags — used for categorizing similar blog posts

  • Summary thumbnail image — displays a thumbnail image to be included in the blog post and summary


Optional SEO fields
  • Post URL — designates a specific URL for the post; by default, the URL is based on the post's Title

  • If the Post URL changes — indicates whether old links should forward to the new URL. Our default is always to forward them.

  • Meta description — specifies the description that will appear in the appropriate meta tag for this post

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