Product Details: Pricing
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In the pricing window, you will set the default price of your product, create a sale price at the cost of goods, and there is the availability to add an MSRP price. You will also be able to interact with the tax settings of this product; you can choose to use the default taxes or provide your tax codes for this product.

From the pricing window, you can also define your purchase volume requirements. You can set a minimum quantity purchase amount or a maximum quantity purchase amount. You will also be able to create bulk pricing.

Default Price
 - This will be the standard retail price for the product

Sale Price
 - If you are offering a promotion for a product, this price will be displayed beneath the Default Price

Cost - This is your cost of the product. This is an optional attribute for tracking your profit or loss in your reports. This pricing will not be visible to customers

 - This will show the Manufactures Suggested Retail Price of your product so that you can illustrate cost savings to your customers

Tax Class
 - This allows you to configure different Tax Rates to suit your business needs

Tax Code
 - Tax Codes are required to calculate sales tax during the checkout process. These codes are normally provided by automated tax providers

Minimum Quantity
 - You can use this option if you wish for there to be a mandatory minimum amount of a product to be purchased per customer

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