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Setting up a WordPress Site Using API Account Credentials
Setting up a WordPress Site Using API Account Credentials
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1. To set up a WordPress site using an API token created in BigCommerce, click Enter your API credentials on the welcome screen in the BigCommerce plugin that was downloaded to your WordPress

2. Refer back to the API Credentials created and saved in BigCommerce and fill in the required fields. WineDirect may have provided you with these credentials already.

3. Enter your API credentials on your WordPress site. Saving the API credentials on your WordPress site will direct you to name the channel that the plugin will create. This allows you to list products to the channel from within BigCommerce and link orders back to the channel that comes from the WordPress site. You can also link to an existing channel.

4. Once you enter the API credentials and select Connect Using API Credentials you will be taken to a new menu where you must select:

  • Select Channel = Create A New Channel

  • New Channel Name = A name that you can easily recognize later if you generate a new channel for your WordPress connection

  • Automatic Listing = Yes, automatically list new BigCommerce products on this channel

    • *Please note, if you select No, you will not be able to manage your products within your WordPress channel. If you accidentally select No you will have to uninstall and reinstall the BigCommerce plug-in to reselect the Yes option.*

5. Finally, you will be asked for webhook preferences. Please ensure you select the following:

  • Enable Traditional Product Import = Full - Import and store product data in WP Database (Default)

  • Enable Products Webhooks = No, Please disable webhooks

  • Image Imports = Full images import

  • Enable Customers Webhooks = No, please disable webhooks

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