Go to MarketingTransactional Emails.

This page lists your store’s default global templates, along with a label to show if they are currently enabled or disabled.

A list of email templates with "Enabled" labels and settings buttons next to them

If you have more than one storefront, you can choose to have your storefront use your store’s default global templates and settings, or you can enable and customize templates individually per storefront.

Localized Store Experiences: This feature is available for all of our supported languages. For more information on the default language store setting, see Store Profile Settings.

Use the dropdown list at the top of the page to switch between managing global templates and individual storefront templates.

The channel dropdown selector at the top of the page expanded to show Global (storefront defaults), My Third-Party Storefront, and My BigCommerce Storefront

Click the ⋯ settings button next to a template, then select select Edit Template from the dropdown to edit its phrases or code. You can also Disable or Enable a template from the dropdown.

The settings menu expanded next to a email template showing options for Edit Template and Disable

To enable or disable a template while editing it, click the ⋯ settings button at the top of the page and select Enable or Disable.

Enable or Disable a template while editing it from the expanded setting menu on the Edit Template page

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