Major Product Updates

Explore the latest feature enhancements now live on the All-New WineDirect.

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Discover the latest product enhancements now live on the All-New WineDirect. Explore our comprehensive resources to dive deeper into the all-in-one, purpose-built platform.

Major Product Updates

November 2023

Cellar Theme (New Feature)

You can now use the Cellar Theme on your All-New WineDirect store. This custom-made theme is purpose-built with wineries in mind and is simple yet beautiful. It includes the MyAccount page, where users can enjoy a comprehensive 360-degree of their account overview.

October 2023

WineDirect Payments (New Integration)

You can now use the WineDirect Payments integration in the All-New WineDirect. All hardware and payment services are seamlessly integrated to give you and your customers a premier, secure, and effortless processing experience.

  • πŸ“ Documentation coming soon

ShipCompliant (New Integration)

Connect to ShipCompliant for seamless tax integration with the All-New WineDirect. You can now submit requested ship dates, carrier codes and receive order tracking numbers.

September 2023

Email Campaigns (New Feature)

You can now send email campaigns (marketing emails) through the All-New WineDirect, powered by SendGrid.

Summer 2023

POS Offline Mode (New Feature)

If internet service is ever disconnected, the WineDirect Point of Sale app allows for an Offline Mode where transactions can be completed and guests can conclude their experiences without interruption.

Ecommerce Enhancements (New Features)

The All-New WineDirect empowers wineries to enhance their online presence effortlessly, drive sales, and create unforgettable customer experiences.

All-New WineDirect DTC Platform

Product Management (New Feature)

Creating and managing products is easier than ever while fully customizable with new features to help you sell more wine.

Customer Management (New Feature)

With the WineDirect Customer tool, you get a complete overview of your customers' vital information, such as their contact details, purchase history, and preferences.

What's Coming Next

  • Event Product Types - Create products that act as events in the All-New WineDirect.

  • Tax and Product Information to Reports - Additional reports will be available for tax and product information.

  • WordPress Integration - A new application built by WineDirect to connect WordPress and the All-New WineDirect.

  • Tock Integration - A built-in integration with one of the leading reservation applications.

Additional Resouces

For more details and additional bug fixes, check out the Bi-Weekly Upload Log:

    • An all-in-one resource for all things All-New WineDirect.

    • A chance to review, at a glance, what has become available as a WineDirect user and any changes in the functionality of the All-New WineDirect.

    • You'll be able to watch our past group demos to see our comprehensive all-in-one platform.

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